Tactical Investment

Tactical Investment

A successful record of tactical
and opportunistic investment
in real estate

Tactical Investment

A successful record of tactical
and opportunistic investment
in real estate


Regis Capital is interested in joint ventures with parties who bring complementary skills and expertise, or funding. We look to have
a significant management role in our joint ventures. We are flexible regarding structure and willing to look at a broad range of
opportunities across different sectors.


The Group has years of experience of running both small and large businesses. Our professional investment team are ready
and willing to discuss your ideas. Regis Capital is able to offer funding for business in all arenas. We typically look for a majority
shareholding in new ventures. Our core investment areas include Property Management Companies; Property Advisory
Businesses; Insurance Companies; Financial Service Companies; Hotel and Leisure.


We have an established track record of managing real estate development projects. We can provide a variety of tailor-made
solutions across the whole range of property types and all stages of the development cycle. Our development architects and
engineers create value through the combination of architectural quality and innovation with strong investment and risk
management expertise. Our experience includes refurbishment of prime central London real estate and development of
high-quality hotel accommodation


The management of Regis Group has extensive experience of acquiring distressed assets. We have a proven track record of
success in creating value from distressed acquisitions. We are interested in acquiring distressed assets and will look at a broad
range of property types and businesses.


Regis Finance is our dedicated financial services arm, and acts as a principal provider of short term Bridging Finance to the
residential sector of the UK property market. Through its significant worldwide holdings, there is a constant stream of equity
being generated from its portfolios, which has given rise to considerable capital reserves that are now being offered to the lending
markets. Our enviable financial strength not only means we are a dependable source of funds, but we can also transact with
remarkably quick turnaround times as there is no reliance on external approvals.


Contact Paul McFadyen to discuss strategic and tactical investment opportunities.
Contact Piers de Vigne to discuss all Bridging Finance enquiries.