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Building companies and platforms in Real Estate and Private Equity

Regis is a real estate private equity firm with a specialist focus on the residential property sectors of the US and UK. We hold one of the largest long-dated index-linked secure income portfolios in the UK and a sizeable UK Private Rented Sector (PRS) portfolio. Our investments are informed by over 50 years of unbroken track record in residential real estate investment.

In addition, notable businesses created by Regis group principals in the US include:

  • Invitation Homes: The owners of Regis Group are founding partners of Invitation Homes, a Blackstone portfolio company. Built to become the largest owner of single family rental homes in the US with 49,000 homes. Invitation Homes┬ácompleted a successful IPO in February 2017.
  • Riverstone Residential: Built to become the largest third party multifamily management company in the US with 175,000 homes under management.
  • R4 Capital: New York based affordable housing syndicator. $3bn assets under management.


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