Invitation Homes
Single Family Homes

In 2011 the Regis Group identified that Single Family Housing was significantly undervalued in the US and saw a gap in an institutional asset class that traditionally focussed on multi-family housing.
To do this, they built a team in the UK and USA with Blackstone as a capital partner to utilise expertise, technology and resources to build a national network and scale quickly within multi-family housing and affordable social housing sectors.

Invitation Homes

In 2012 Invitation Homes was set up with a small core team and within three years expanded to over 1,400 staff with 50,000 properties (and approximately 1,500 Section 8 properties in affordable social housing), acquiring 1,000 units a week at its peak in 13 major markets.

In February 2017 Invitation Homes raised $1.54 billion in an initial public offering on the New York Stock Exchange (INVH) with a TEV of around $10 billion.

Invitation Homes subsequently merged with Starwood Waypoint Homes in November 2017 to create the largest private owner and operator of single-family rental homes in the United States. The combined companies created an $18billion TEV Real Estate Investment Trust and approximately 82,000 single-family rental homes.

Invitation Homes demonstrates Regis Group’s ability to spot opportunities early, develop new platform technologies, bring heavy-weight industry partners such as Blackstone on board and successfully operationalise national networks in residential real estate at pace.

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