Regis Group are proven investors in US single family homes

The owners of Regis Group are founding partners of Invitation Homes which has grown exponentially since its inception in 2012. This multi-billion dollar company, founded in April 2012 in partnership with Blackstone LLP, one of the world’s largest and most successful private equity firms, operates in fourteen major metropolitan areas across the USA.

Invitation Homes acquires distressed single-family homes, rehabilitates each with local labour and materials, locates eligible residents, and professionally manages and maintains all properties to high standards. Its highly successful business strategy has been largely guided by Regis Group’s exemplary in-house acquisition, renovation, leasing and management model.

The company enhances the lives of its residents by providing comfortable homes with best-in-class management, maintenance, and support services.  Its investments support the revival of neighbourhoods hard hit by the 2007 financial crisis and helps to improve the economic and social value of local communities.

Since April 2012 Invitation Homes has acquired over 48,500 properties, employs 1,300 people and is now the largest provider of single family rental homes in the United States.

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