Riverstone Residential Group
Affordable Housing and Private Rental Sector

Regis identified an opportunity to aggregate assets and provide a best-in-class, transnational platform servicing North America across the diverse multifamily housing sector.
Our team created an institutional investment platform and developed new data platforms, operating procedures and processes, technology enhancements and powerful insight tools to provide exceptional property services and customer care across in the United States.


To facilitate our growth plan we began an ambitious acquisitions programme with express objective of building our own national network of multifamily operators across America to enable economies of scale, financial sophistication, institutional quality reporting and superb capital relationships.

By 2012 growth had ramped significantly and Riverstone had a team of over 6,000 staff, 175,000 units (of which 40,000 were under management within our American Affordable Housing Programme), 32 national offices covering the length and breadth of the United States and $16billion worth of assets under management, creating the largest, third-party multifamily housing operator in the US.

In 2014 Riverstone Residential enabled a positive exit by the initial founders at maturity and successful integration within Greystar Real Estate Partners to create the biggest multifamily housing manager in the US and double the size of the business.

Riverstone Residential Group is a prime example of how the Regis Group model develops platform technologies to successfully navigate the journey at pace from idea generation, concept launch, enterprise scaling, operational stabilisation to positive exit.

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